C-Line Metal Flake DD (Special Edition) 11, 6, -3, 2



The DD has been one of the most popular "new" additions to our Originals line since moving our production to Sweden. We're saying "new", since there's been DD's in the past as well, but this version is a completely different animal with its substantially more understable flight pattern. This disc seemed to find its audience right away, as especially our Originals line was sorely missing a disc that offers a combination of tremendous glide with some understability even for players without elite level distance. The DD is easy to throw far, thanks to its high glide and a solid -3 turn rating.

As the name implies, DD stands for “distance driver” and that’s exactly what it’s going to offer. A key piece of our Originals distance line up, the DD offers what most other distance drivers don't: Full-flight long distance shots even for slower arm speeds. Regardless of your skill level, it provides the max distance option when you really want to uncork one.

A beginner or advanced player is going to pick one up and right away notice a drastic change in the distance added to their game with the DD. Higher skilled players will use these for max distance and controlled lines with shot shaping abilities. Legend has it some are still flying to this day. Great tool also for rollers thanks to high amount of natural high speed turn.