Mason Ford       

Biography: Mason started playing disc golf in 2015 and had no idea what he was doing. He played whenever he could and soon it became a part of his daily routine. Mason's favorite style of disc golf is technical, wooded golf, because he believes that's how disc golf was meant to be played. He also enjoys the challenge of learning to throw his discs at different angles. Outside of disc golf, Mason loves to fish and play pickle ball, two activities which help him whenever he has a bad round. "Having team Lucky Ace on my side gives me that extra motivation to play my best, and it helps to know that I can always rely on them." Some of Mason's favorite memories with team Lucky Ace were when we first met and ate some truly incredible food. Mason is sponsored by Mint Discs and Now Married to team member Valerie Mandujano!                                                          


Valerie Mandujano

Biography: Valerie started playing in 2013 and was instantly hooked. She knew this was something she desperately wanted to do. It was a great way to get out and be active while still being able to spend time with her family. Plus, it’s how she met Mason! Valerie's favorite style of disc golf is tournament golf, because she gets to compete with other great women while still having a great time. Valerie also likes to look back and see how much her game has improved. Outside of disc golf, she loves doing DIYs and finding new ways to be creative. Valerie's favorite memory with Team Lucky Ace was mini golfing with the team in Peoria, Illinois. It was so much fun and we had plenty of laughs. Valerie thoroughly enjoys being a part of Team Lucky Ace. "There’s more of a family dynamic with Team Lucky Ace than with any other sponsorship I've ever had. It feels great to know that I'm a part of something truly amazing." Valerie is now Sponsored by Discraft along with her sister Alexis Mandujano. Valerie and Mason have now tied the knot and Married on February 2nd 2023!

Alexis Mandujano

Biography: Alexis was first introduced to disc golf in 2013 and absolutely hated it. Later on, her love for disc golf grew when she began to see it as a way to spend time with her family. Alexis' favorite style of disc golf is casual rounds with her family. She feels that she can let loose and just enjoy the game. When not playing disc golf Alexis enjoys going on runs to clear her mind and help decompress. "Being a part of the Lucky Ace team is like having another family that I know I can count on to support me. One of my favorite memories with Team Lucky Ace is when we all played pickle ball for hours and shared many laughs." Alexis is also sponsored by Discraft Discs. 

Anthony "AP" Perkins

Biography: Anthony started playing disc golf in 2014 when his friends took him to McDade Park. They beat him the first time he played and said the magic words, “Finally, something we can beat you at!” For them, it was all downhill from there. Anthony started playing every week and before long, every week turned into every day. He got his PDGA number in 2015, played a couple Intermediate tournaments, then played in the Advanced division for about 2 years. In late 2017, AP turned pro and got his first win ever at the Jack Brooks Open against a group of talented Houston professionals. Six months later, AP won the 2018 Texas State Championships, which the North Side Chain Gang had the opportunity of running that year, and he was runner-up to Mason Ford for PDGA rookie of the year. While he hasn’t won another tournament that size since then, he's grown the sport by cleaning up courses and running miniature tournaments throughout Houston for the last 5 years. Anthony is also sponsored by Chris Barr Dyes.

Bryan Trahan

Biography: Bryan started playing competitively during the 2016-17 season, and his goals are to keep his game consistent while running awesome events for the community. He loves disc golf for the comradery, enjoying time in the great outdoors, and the feeling of being a part of something. Bryan is also one of Lucky Ace's Tournament Directors for the Houston area, and is engaged to team member Dominique Whitehead.


Dominique Whitehead

Biography: Dominique is currently an amateur player living in The Woodlands, Tx. She's been playing disc golf with the boys for about 9 years. That was until she found a local women’s league called "Chicks Chasing Chains"! Dominique was instantly hooked. "It was nice to be competitive with girls at my own skill level- and even play with the girls at a higher skill level!"

In March of 2020 - at the beginning of the pandemic- Dominique decided to get her PDGA number. She had been disc golfing almost daily at that point and knew she was ready to start competing in tournaments. Later in the year Dominique was asked by company founder Jay Almaguer to be a part of the Lucky Ace Team! "I am very thankful that I was chosen to be a part of their journey and for all their continued support over the years. I look forward to improving myself to become a female professional Open player."

Go follow Dominique's journey on Instagram @dg_domi!

Dominique Whitehead

Kelsie Sweeten

Biography: Kelsie started playing in 2018, immediately found Chicks Chasing Chains, and the rest is history! It’s been the perfect sport to complement her career as a flight attendant. Thanks to her job, Kelsie has been able to play disc golf on 3 continents, in 5 countries, and in 19 states. She's made countless friends that have become like family, and is most thankful for her sponsors like Lucky Ace who keep her inspired to be the best representative of disc golf she can be! You can check out more of Kelsie's adventures by following her on Instagram or subscribing to her YouTube channel including “The AppetHyzer Series,” which is her vlog featuring all things food, travel and disc golf! Kelsie is also sponsored by FlighTowel, Wander Disc Golf, and RoachSacs.

Casey Pennington

Biography: Casey took up disc golf when she moved to Wisconsin after college. She turned pro in 2018 and moved to Texas the following year. Joining the Lucky Ace team has really made Houston feel like home for Casey. Though she has since moved (again!) to Kansas City, she's happy she still gets to rep Lucky Ace and see the crew while on tour around the Midwest. Casey tries to play as many elite events as she can while holding down her day job as a fractional CFO for startups. She hopes to blend her disc golf and finance experience in her future career. Casey is also sponsored by Discmania.

Alvin Garza-Chavez

Biography: Alvin was introduced to disc golf by his cousins Valerie and Alexis Mandujano earlier this year, and it was so difficult at first. Although it’s still a little tough, he really enjoys playing. For now, Alvin only plays recreationally, but he would love to eventually play a tournament. Outside of disc golf, Alvin really enjoys going to the movies and spending time with his family. "I once heard that if you find a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s exactly what it feels like being apart of the Lucky Ace family. Even though I was a recent addition, they welcomed me with open arms. One of my favorite memories was vending with them at the Ledgestone fly mart, it was a great way to spend time and get to know each other." Alvin runs the Lucky Ace Pop-Up Shop on the Disc Golf Pro Tour as he travels with Alexis, Valerie, and Mason. Alvin is also singlehandedly spearheading the fanny pack's return to the height of fashion. 

Lance Mondragon

Biography: Lance started playing disc golf in late 2019 in hopes to improve his personal health, but was welcomed with open arms into a huge disc golf community that blew his mind! He has been blessed to have so many individuals invest their knowledge and passion in him, so his goal is to continue the growth of the sport he loves and share his passion with his community to positively impact the sport.  Lance displays tons of electrifying energy in every situation, and when he’s not slinging discs, he’s notorious for hyping up crowds with his unique personality.

Marcus Stephens

Biography: Marcus started throwing in 2006 with his friends, but didn’t take it too seriously until his first rated tournament in 2014. After that, he fell in love with the community and the competition and today averages close to 30 tournaments a year. Marcus' biggest win was an A-tier in Waco, Texas that he was able to take down after a 3-hole playoff at the Beast. He has 44 aces, including 2 in 1 round. Marcus' goal is to grow the community and introduce new players to the sport he loves!


Colton Davis

Biography: While Colton's disc golf journey began in 2016, he took several years off before picking it back up again at the beginning of 2021. He's been affiliated with Lucky Ace ever since, and wouldn't have it any other way. Colton is heavily involved with a course design project in Seguin, Texas and looks forward to its potential use not only for Texas disc golf, but for touring professionals as well. When asked concerning other sponsors, Colton replied, "No other sponsors needed. Lucky Ace to the grave." 

Justin Davis

Biography: Justin started playing casually in 2016. After his first week, like most of us, he was instantly hooked. Justin's goals for disc golf are to grow the local Texas scene, provide course designs, teach lessons, and be active in his community. Justin is also sponsored by Bogey Free Club and MINT Discs.

Priscilla Esparza

Biography: Priscilla started playing disc golf around 2016. She was introduced by a friend and started bringing her dog out to play as a way for both of them to get outdoors and get exercise. It quickly turned into an obsession. While it took Priscilla a couple years to play any tournaments, once she did, she was hooked and wanted to play as many as she could. "I love the people I've met playing disc golf and I want the women's field to continue to grow." Priscilla is also sponsored by Pecan City Disc Golf Shop and GroundBound.

Debby Anders

Biography: Debby is a retired teacher of 27 years who started playing disc golf at the onset of COVID. She is the manager of the Lucky Ace Disc Pro Shop at the Zip Disc Golf Course in Helotes, Texas. Debby is a certified Tournament Director and runs the C-Tier Flex Start tournaments at the Zip. She's part of the 2023 Texas Wildflower Disc Golf Tour and helps run the San Antonio Women’s Disc Golf league, all the while serving on the board of the Alamo Community Disc Club.

Kristopher Cox

Biography: Kris started playing at the beginning of the 2020 season, and like many of us, he never looked back. His number one disc golf goal is to draw attention to the sport that brings us all so much fun and happiness. Kris is a true Renaissance Man when it comes to his work for Lucky Ace. He serves as a content creator, camera operator, and film editor, all the while experiencing the unique challenges of parenting a newborn. Kris also owns and operates his own company: Glow Butter Disc Dying.